In the story, a guy named Felix went to a movie house and went home alone, enjoying the quiet and beautiful evening and the quiet streets and buildings. He is a 21 years old who work on his first job in Manila. When he went home, he saw a beautiful little 11 years old girl named Maria. He saw Maria reading his copy of Greek Myth. Felix tried to talk with Maria, but, Maria is to shy to response. He lend the book to Maria for a while until Maria finish the book.

Maria live with her Uncle Lucio, a janitor. Maria’s parents are both dead and her sister have already a new family. Maria loves to walk and explore the city. Maria finished the book she borrowed from Felix and returned it.

Felix and Maria become friends. But, the war came. It’s WWII that time, the should live there homes and evacuate to a safe place to survive. So one day, Felix went to Maria’s house, but it’s to late. They are both separate by the war and did not see each other again.


The House of Zapote Street

questions for reflection

1.Where does a text originate? What is the background of the author? The book?

It’s about a true story of a family who lived in Zapote street. I think its very controversial back then so he write a story about it.

2.Establish the writers reason for writing the literary text. What is the book about?

It’s about a true story of a family who lived in Zapote street. It’s not an ordinary family, because of the father is strict and she is obsessed to her daughter that end up killing his daughter and the husband and his self.


3.What cultural values does it present?

It show how Filipino’s really obey their parents and to ask permission to the parents when the two wants to get  married.

4.How is the content/theme different/the same with our Philippine literature?

Intese and dramatic.

5.Write a summary of the book.

Lydia and a Leonardo, a couple. Lydia is a only child and have a strict father, named, Pablo Cabading. They asked Lydias parents for  their marriage. But, Pablo is strict to his conditions. But, He gave them two condition. The two got married but Leonardo observe Pablo as a strict father and that explains why Lydia is a quiet woman and not have a happy childhood or memories. One day Leonardo get tired of Pablo’s conditions and how he acts at home. So he decided to talk to Lydia and asked to leave the house. But when they asked Pablo for them to leave, Pablo got mad and the stayed at the Zapote house. Leonardo decided to leave alone and later on Leonardo and Lydia decided to go to Cavite where Leonardo and his family has a rest house there. Pablo went to Sta. Mesa and asking for her daughter with anger. But later on Gene and Pablo talk and try to solve the problem. Leonardo and Lydia went back to Sta. mesa and they talked to Pablo. Pablo agree that the two wants to live on their own. One day, Pablo call Lydia and asking to go to Zapote to take care of her mother. Gene and nonilo join Lydia to go to Zapote to make sure she is safe, but suddenly Pablo said to them that Lydia will not go home to Sta. Mesa because she is taking care of her mother. Leonardo got mad and scared about Lydia, So she went to take back Lydia but Pablo saw them and shoot them and even Mrs. Cabading got shot and later on Pablo decided to shoot himself.

6.Write a critical analysis of the book.
f.1 Discuss what you particularly like about the book

I like the part when Leonardo and Lydia is packing their bags to escape the house but Leonardo saw them and shoot them. I like the intense of the story.
f.2 Mention anything you don’t like about the book.

When Pablo is trying to be nice when he wants something then when he gets it, he comes back to his own self.
f.3 Would you recommend the book? What type of readers would you recommend the book to?

7.Yes, I will recommend it to the one who loves intense and murder in the story

Rate the book. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest. How would you rate the book? Justify your rating.Because it’s base on a real story. It shows about how they fight for their love, until the end they fight for it even until death.




  • Felix – He is a flat character. Because he did not change his personality, from the start and to the end of the story. He remains the the guy who loves the quiet and beautiful evening in the streets with buildings and walls. And he still care about Maria through the beginning until at the end of the story, where they got separated by the war.
  • Maria – She is a round character. Because at first she is shy, she did’t smile at her Felix at first. But the story goes by, Felix discovered that she loves to explore the city. She become friendly and talk to Felix about her life and her family, and she become comfortable with Felix and smiled at him.
  • Uncle Lucio – He is a static character. He remain the same personality at the start through the end of the story. He help and take care Maria to have a home.


A. Figure of Speech

  • Personification – soft cries that empty streets and sleeping houses seem to share in the light.
  • Personification – When the night had grown colder
  • Metaphor – And in the evening when the noise of living had died down
  • Oxymoron/metaphor – even in the darkening light of the fading day.
  • Metaphor – The breeze from the sea had died down
  • Metaphor – I came home one night through darkened streets.


  • Felix and Maria – Represents the people who are in the WWII, who are separated and lost their families and friends.


“She was a delicately pretty girl with a fine, smooth. Pale olive skin that shone richly in the yellow light. Her nose was straight, small and finely molded. Her lips, full and red, were fixed and tense.”

Felix praises Maria by saying that she appears a pale olive skin because of the yellow light. Finely molded nose and a red lips. Through the contrasting image of light or a yellow light, Felix portrays Maria’s beauty.


  • Book – the copy of Felix of Greek Myth, the book that Maria is reading when Felix saw Maria for the first time. Because of that book, Felix had a chance to talk to Maria and become friends.
  • Posters – Maria stopped to look at the posters at the theater. Then Felix saw her, and he feels like Maria is sad. So at that moment, Felix took the chance to talk to Maria and comfort her.
  • Maria’s smile – Symbolizes trust and a new friendship with her and Felix.


  • Serious – It happened during the WWII. Maria, at early age, her parents died and her only sister have her own family. And Felix and Maria go separated at the time of the war.
  • Formal – The author used dark and deep words.


Narrative Style – The main character, Felix, is narrating his story. He narrates his life and tells how she met Maria and how they both separated.


It’s about true friendship. Many people will mean nothing or walk away in our life. But true friends will still remains in our heart, what ever happens.


1st Person Point of View – Felix, the main character is the narrator of the story.


The title All Over the World tells about the WWII. Where many people lost and separated with their love one’s or relatives. And here in the story, there is a man named Felix who is working in Manila. He saw a young girl named Maria and they became friends.




It was a beautiful evening when I arrived from the airport after I explore and visit all over the world. When I first step at the airport here in the Philippines, I remember all happened and the reason I went out the country and explore the world. But before I explore the world, there where so many events happened to my life after the war and before explore the world. After the war, I left my job and went home to my province to visit my relatives if they’re where alright and I went there to unwind after what happened in the war. After  one month, I came back to manila and found a new job. Just like the old times, I never forget to appreciate the quiet evening every time I walk  from my home. I really love the breeze when the evening comes. But every evening when my work is done, I always walk around the city, hoping to find someone. That someone  is Maria.  It’s Maria I always still remember when I walk around the city, I’m still hoping to see her again. After the war, I never seen her again until now.  To tell you the truth, I miss Maria. She is the reason why I always walk around the city of Manila, still hoping to see her again. I always walk around the Magallanes street and around Bonifacio drive to where  I saw Maria is sitting  on the first bench. Here where I discovered and knew about her life.

One day, when my work is done. As usual, I walk around the Bonifacio drive, then I saw a girl, a beautiful girl. At first I thought it was Maria, because she is beautiful just like Maria. I sat beside her and begin to start a conversation.

“Hi, what a wonderful  evening, is in it?” I said.

“Oh hello, yes it is wonderful” She said with a smile.

I smiled and said “I’m Felix by the way. Sorry to bother you.”

“No, it’s okay. I’m Mary by the way. Nice to meet you.” She said and smiled again and she shake my hands.

That moment I forget about Maria. I forget the reason why I’m at the Bonifacio drive because of Mary.

Mary and I talked about each other life. She is 25 years old and also working here in Manila. She live alone on her apartment. Her family is in the province. Mary and I become friends that day. We see each other every weekend and took a walk in the streets of Manila. One day when I was alone in my room, I felt something weird, something about her. It felt different. It felt like butterflies in my stomach. I think I’m falling in love with Mary. So one weekend, we are walking around the city and I decided to tell her that I like her and ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend.

“Mary I want to ask you something.”

“Yes, Felix? What is it?” She replied.

“I don’t know if this is right, but I will never miss this chance to tell you this, Mary.”

“what is it, Felix? Tell me. You getting me all nervous and sweaty.”

“Look, Mary. I don’t want to ruin our friendship because of this, I’m afraid you will walk away or feel uncomfortable with me. But  I think you should know about this.”

“No, Felix. Just say it and I will listen.”

I took a deep breath and said “I like you, Mary.”

Mary was shocked and her cheeks turned red. She is speechless. She don’t know what to say that time. It was so quiet, it feels like the whole world was in silent and also waiting for her response.

Then she replied. “You know what, Felix?”


“I like you too.”

I was surprised. I don’t know what to say and what to do, but at that moment I just want her.

So with no hesitations, I asked her. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

She said yes!

I’m so happy that time. I can jump on a building because of the joy that I’m feeling that time.

Months passed by, me and Mary was happy together.

One evening, when decided to fix my things, I saw a book, my copy of Greek Myth. On that moment I remembered someone, I remember Maria. I went out and walk by the streets with the book. I went to the courtyard where Maria lived before the war. I took a moment and think, then realize that I still want to find Maria.

I want to Mary and talk to her, I explained everything. Our relationship ended, but we still remain friends.

After talking to Mary, I took a moment to think how can I find Maria. So I plan to go around the world to find her, hoping to see her. I went so many places and countries just to find her. But I never see her.

So here I’am back in Manila, it’s been years. Before I go to my home, I decided to walk around again for the first time I left. I walk around the streets. I walk around the Magallanes streets and lastly I went to Bonifacio drive. While I’m walking, on my left hand, I’m holding the book of Greek Myth. Then I Quietly sat on a bench. Their this girl sat beside me. She is Beautiful. She is around mid 20’s. I want to look at her face but I don’t want to scare her. But later on, the girl looked at me, and that moment I finally found Maria. She doesn’t change a bit, she is still beautiful. So without hesitations, I introduced myself.

“Hi, Maria. Do you still remember me?”

She looked at me and replied “Oh! It’s that you, Felix? Sorry I didn’t notice it was you.” She smiled.

I miss that smile of her.

Then we talk and talk about each other life. Asking what happened after the war. We talked the whole evening. Then she noticed the book that I’m holding, the book of Greek Myth. Then Maria remembered the book, the one I lend to her for a while and the one she read.

She said “I remember that book, It’s a great book. It’s a good thing you never lost it.”

“Yes, I thought I lost it, but it didn’t” I said. “It came back and found it again.”